Wild camping in France: where to pitch your tent?

Wild camping in France

A somewhat barbaric term that can easily be replaced by nature camping. During the holidays, we have all been tempted to set up our tent in the heart of nature, in the forest, in a field or on the beach. What could be more enjoyable than waking up in the early morning, opening your tent and discovering a still sleeping landscape! Economic reasons or simple adventurous spirit, wild camping attracts backpackers and campers. But what are the regulations concerning wild camping ? Where to go wild camping? Focus on wild camping in France .

wild camping tent

Set up your tent in the middle of nature: bivouac or wild camping ? The difference between these two terms lies in the duration of occupation of the land and in the material. The bivouac is mainly used by hikers and mountaineers, who, far from any infrastructure, spend the night in unknown territory before resuming their journey. Wild camping, on the other hand, appeals more to travelers traveling in particular with vehicles and who wish to settle down for several days, while being close enough to amenities.

Wild camping in France: a limited practice

Hey no, you can’t camp everywhere! So, where to wild camp? The law prohibits pitching a tent in:

a site classified or registered in the natural heritage and site protection zones

less than 500 m from a listed or registered historical monument

on the shores of the sea

within a radius of 200 m around a water point captured for consumption

around areas defined by the municipality by decree for safety or health reasons

The list is long and to be sure not to be illegal, consult the decree n° 2015-1783 of December 28, 2015  : the regulations concerning wild camping .

For so-called “private” land, it is possible to camp provided of course that you have received the owner’s agreement. Not all landlords are inclined to see campers settling on their land and you could risk a €1,500 fine! Thus, to make a success of your night in wild camping, rules of etiquette are essential: leave the site in the state where you found it, take away your waste or put back in place the natural elements borrowed (stones, branches …)…

Wild camping in France: top tips for camping in the heart of nature!

Camping in freedom requires some preparation. Wild camping is not just about pitching your tent and settling in! You have to be careful to find the right place, not to spread out, to respect nature and the environment… For that, nothing better than relying on experienced travellers! The Objectif Voyage blog gives you valuable tips for wild camping. Take a look and you can even find travel ideas!

Where to wild camp: find and share your spot!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect place or want to share the location you’ve found, it’s possible! The lecampingsauvage.fr platform allows you, in an interactive way, to find a site proposed by the community. For the more cautious, you can even find a piece of garden with the locals with HomeCamper !

Wild camping in France… but not only!

If your desires for getaways take you beyond our borders, know that other countries accept camping in the heart of nature. Scotland, Scandinavia, the United States or even Australia will become your next camping destinations! Thus, in the land of the kangaroo, you can pitch your tent almost everywhere (along roads and beaches, in national parks, etc.)

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