How to organize a trip yourself in 12 steps!


How to organize your trip independently? Going on a trip is always a good time, a time when you can get away from it all, a time when you break your daily routine, a time to have a good time whether it’s for a weekend, several days, several weeks or even better several months. But before setting off on an adventure and fully enjoying your trip, you have to avoid unpleasant surprises as much as possible thanks to an essential part: organization.

In this article, we will detail the different steps to organize your trip yourself. Here is a 12-step summary that we will highlight with our tips and tricks. Moreover, do not hesitate to share your tips when you organize your trips at the bottom of the article in the comments so that we can improve and develop our content.

Step 1 | Choose a travel destination

This is the first step in organizing your trip and it is not necessarily the easiest with the number of potential destinations. In concrete terms, to choose our travel destinations, we use several means:

Either, we already have a desire and we know the destination we want to discover and suddenly no headache, we just have to take the next step. We all have our little “bucket list” of countries or regions that we would like to do in the more or less long term.

Or, we have no idea of ​​our next destination and in this case we will do research to inspire us, make us want and we hope to find our next trip. Here are our tips for finding your next getaway:

1 – On Instagram to get inspired and discover through photos, videos, publications and stories new places or new landscapes that would inspire us. Of course, you can go directly to travelers’ Instagram accounts and look at their various publications, their Actuals and their stories on the front page, which will give you an overview of a destination.

2 – On Skyscannerwhich is a flight comparator to do the day before thanks to their solution allowing from a basic airport to do a global search by typing in destination airport “everywhere”. We have already used this means to find destination ideas but also and above all to find low prices which from time to time is one of our main criteria for choosing our trip. The best part is that you can find your cheapest flight for a given and precise period or for a whole month. The site also has some travel tips and destination ideas made in Skyscanner. Beyond the Skyscanner site, we regularly monitor the sites of the airlines serving our nearest airport on the lookout for a good plan or a new destination.

3 – Travel blogs for inspiration and more detailed information about a destination. Make a checklist of some travel blogs and discover their adventures, maybe some will make you want to do more or less the same thing. We know a very good blog for that (ahah), it’s ours by clicking HERE!

4- Pinterest is also a good idea to find destinations and organize your trip through pins and boards and most of the time you will be redirected behind to a blog or to a website. Our Pinterest is available by clicking HERE!

5- YouTube for the experiences because even if it seems more difficult to find a destination on this platform, it is possible to stop on certain videos where you will discover a country or a region differently with more extensive images than a single photo. You just have to find the right YouTube channels that suit you. Our Youtube channel by clicking HERE!

6- The sites of tourist offices can also be a gold mine, especially if you want to go to a country but you don’t know which region to visit. The tourist offices can roughen your choice of destination a little and you will also undoubtedly have activities, landscapes or others that will speak to you more.

7- All other travel sites . We’re not going to lie to ourselves, the work can be more tedious to find a destination with this tip, but you should know that most companies that work directly or indirectly in travel offer destination inspiration on their site. This is the case for vehicle rental companies, airlines, travel agencies, hoteliers, etc.

Step 2 | Determine your budget

The budget is obviously an important part of organizing your trip because it will depend on everything else, whether on the destination as such but also on the number of days there, the activities you can do, the type of accommodation , mode of transport… Your budget will also determine the level of comfort of your trip and above all what you can do in relation to your expectations. However, there is a good chance that once you have chosen your destination you will have an idea of ​​the approximate budget. If the destination seems too high compared to your budget, simply go back to step 1. Our advice: you can already plan your budget on an Excel table with the different expenditure items that you will have overall but also daily per day. Our tip:EbuyClub which will allow you to earn money from your purchases. Find out how Ebuyclub cashback works by clicking HERE!

Step 3 | Book your means of transport

During a trip and for any trip, you will need a means of transport. Depending on the destination, you will have the possibility of taking the plane, the train, a vehicle for the most common, but some will prefer to take the bike or even on foot.


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