How to choose your next travel destination?

travel destination?

A lot of people ask this question and it is not easy to answer it concretely. Are you looking for ideas of destinations to go on a trip? Discover places that make you dream, places that each have their own personality and particularity. What travel destinations do you recommend? Where can I go this winter? Which country, which city and which region to discover? Is this the right period? Is this visit worth a look? Indeed, it is complicated to choose your next travel destination if you have not had a crush upstream. To help you in your reflection and especially to see more clearly, destination-voyages informs you of the main criteria to be taken into consideration:

What will be your next travel destination?

Destination-voyages helps you make your choice independently by giving you the main points to take into account to choose your next travel destination and see it a little more clearly. Do you perhaps already have in mind a list of ideas of places that attract or interest you? We will see it together.

Choose your travel destination according to the season and the climate

Choose your travel destination according to the weather . It’s the first thing to look for when you go somewhere. When it’s cold here, it can be hot elsewhere! The seasons are to be checked before even booking your plane ticket because each country has its own climate. We have 4 seasons in France and Europe, summer, autumn, winter and spring. In Asia, for example, there are only two: The wet season and the dry season. Their duration varies according to the country’s distance from the equator (the closer you get, the longer the duration of the rains in the wet season).

In order not to spoil your vacation, be very careful not to go to a tropical island expecting to find a big warm sun to tan on the beach when heavy rain is forecast for the duration of your stay! You might regret it. This is one of the most important criteria to take into account for the smooth running of your stay. Same for jet lag! The further away you go, the greater the lag will become.

Conversely, it is also possible for you to travel out of season in order to benefit from reduced rates and avoid mass tourism! Ideal for those who want to get off the beaten track and encounter fewer tourists.

The dry season

The dry season is a period of the year that is conducive to strong sunshine . This climate allows you to enjoy beautiful and long days. It is ideal weather for the beach, swimming and all sea activities. During this period it rains very little or not at all. In tropical countries, vegetation suffers from lack of humidity. There are many options available to you when it comes to choosing your travel destination. Cultural visits are more pleasant, the water is at a suitable temperature and the landscapes are enhanced thanks to the good weather.

The wet season

The wet season, unlike the dry season, is defined by heavy rains and winds that can be violent enough to uproot trees! This rainy season is called the monsoon in Asian countries. It is a time of year when the showers are intense. These will generally last longer if your destination is near the equator.

Your personal interests influence the choice of your destination

Take your personal interests into account to facilitate the organization of your stay. Try to ask yourself what your priorities are and identify them. Not everyone has the same desires or the same tastes . Some are more “culture” others are more “beaches” or “walking in the desert”. This is why you will establish an essential first sorting by eliminating destinations with the stroke of a pencil.

If you are more into nature and landscapes , you will not choose the same destinations as if you wish to discover the facets of large cities or a capital . A week’s vacation in America in New York is obviously very different than a week on the island of Bali, for example. No one but you will make the choice for you. For some, the word “holiday” rhymes with lazing on the sand in the sun. For you, it may not have the same meaning.

Your accommodation must be a strategic point

This safari tour in a park nestled in the heart of Africa or these majestic hotels overlooking the sea catch your eye? Do you prefer to choose your accommodation close to a beach, in nature or rather close to cultural places? Your vacation accommodation is generally a strategic point and must be ideally located to allow you to best optimize your time once there. You will spend most of your time there, even a short night depending on your program.

Watch out for the time difference ! You can’t afford to go to the other side of the globe if you only have a few days. Once there, you will spend most of your time recovering from Jetlag . Conversely, if your time is short, take the opportunity to explore a distant country !

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