4 Excellent Street-Food Spots in Dubai

Food Spots in Dubai

True! Sometimes you need a break from the conventional dining-out practices and look for something different and here comes the street-food and in Dubai, you find dozens of spots for it. Interestingly, Dubai is known for its luxury dining spots but with time, it has also become the best city for experiencing the quality street-food without putting any burden on your pocket. While trying it, you discover both traditional and international cuisines giving your taste-buds a stunning and unique taste in this highly advanced desert. Furthermore, since they are very affordable, you find a large number of foreign workers prefer it for both lunch and dinner.

Additionally, the hygiene-friendly guidelines by authorities stick vendors to maintain the quality right from making to serving food; hence, you find a massive number of people visiting different street-food spots throughout the day. In this blog, you are about to explore awesome street-food spots in Dubai, so never think more and start visiting the following spots. Moreover, you can also use rent a car in Dubai to visit these popular food spots with comfort and convenience.

1-Meena Bazaar

Indeed, the meena bazaar is the fabulous place to visit when it comes to try amazing food when you have limited budget for dining-out, so do add this one into your bucket list. Additionally, by its name, one can judge its Indian origin, so get ready to have the spicy food that can rock your day with an awesome taste and yes, pocket-friendly options is what every individual appreciates. Furthermore, never forget to try kebabs there as they are the major specialty of this particular street-food. While being curious for different street-food in Dubai, you can also opt for budget-friendly luxury dine-out and for that, you have to visit the platform that is called Hotels.com where you can find amazing options falling into your budget. Yes, you can also get the massive discounts but for that, you have to avail the Hotels.com offers, so stop thinking and grab this chance.

2-Al Karama

No doubt, after getting done with the first one, exploring this spot is also the accurate move that leads you to try more amazing dishes. Interestingly, right from samosas to vada pav, you find everything and with that, the prices are pocket-friendly; thus, masses prefer it going there and enjoy quality food.

3-Dubai Marina

It is another excellent place to let your taste-buds experience the delicious food that is also affordable and going there in evening is amazing as you enjoy sunset with trying tasty dishes. Right from Indian to Arabic cuisines, you have a lot to explore in terms of dishes, so do visit this remarkable spot and try new dishes.

4-Sheikh Zayed Road

Honestly, it happens to be the true depiction of street-food as you see a wide array of food trucks offering interesting and delicious dishes against the affordable rates, so never think more to visit it and boost-up your dining experience. Additionally, each truck introduces you to the new cuisine, so never miss a chance to visit it and address your craving for tasty dishes.

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