10 good reasons to discover Bali as a couple

Bali as a couple

What if you caught yourself dreaming? Close your eyes. Here you are in Bali, an island in Indonesia renowned for its tropical climate, stunning landscapes and magnificent Hindu temples. An ideal destination to find you two…

Prepare your trip to Bali

Weather, visa, security, health, currency… you will find below the essential advice to plan and prepare your stay.

1  When to go to Bali?

To enjoy the best climate, choose a departure during the dry season, between May and October. Average temperature: 27°C. July and August are very popular months for Europeans, but also for Indonesians who are then on vacation. The ideal is therefore to leave in June or September.

2  What entry formalities?

No need to take steps to obtain a tourist visa before going to Bali. You will buy it when you arrive at the airport. Count around 25 euros/person for a maximum duration of 30 days. Please note that the Indonesian authorities require that the expiry date of the passport be more than 6 months from the date of entry into the country.

3  Prepare for jet lag

The time difference with Bali is significant: count + 6 hours in summer and + 7 hours in winter. Before leaving, remember to prepare your biological clock by gradually shifting your habits (meals, bedtime).

4  Cash

The current currency in Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah. To control your budget, the easiest way is to make the conversion with the American dollar: just remove 4 zeros. 10,000 rupees = 1 dollar (and therefore a little less than one euro).

5  Health

Check that you are up to date with your vaccinations and consider preventive antimalarial treatment with your doctor. If you don’t want to take malaria medication, don’t skimp on mosquito sprays. Also plan long clothes that will protect you from bites!

Please note that tap water is not suitable for consumption. Drink only bottled water. If you plan to hike off the beaten track, bring chlorine tablets to purify the water. You can find it in pharmacies.

6  How to prepare your suitcase for Bali?

Do not close your suitcase once you have slipped your swimsuit, your flip-flops and your sunglasses! Long, lightweight, light-colored clothing will be needed to protect you from sunburn during the day and mosquitoes in the evening. They will also be useful for visiting Indonesian temples: decent dress required. A sweater and a windbreaker will also be useful if you plan to discover the summits. Also remember to take the medicines you need for a trip to Bali (antidiarrheals, intestinal antibacterials, etc.) and prepare a first aid kit (compresses, bandages, antiseptic, thermometer, venom pump for hiking, etc.). Bring a very high protection sunscreen, a sunscreen lip stick and mosquito repellent.

7  Security

The island of Bali is deemed safe as long as you don’t tempt fate, especially around tourist sites and on public transport. Watch out for purses and cell phones sticking out of your pocket.

10 good reasons to go on a trip to Bali

If you have ever visited the Indonesian island, you probably know that there are plenty of good reasons to go to Bali. Here are 10 already.

8  Relax on the beaches

Bali offers many beaches bordered by warm, turquoise waters. Enough to seduce fans of idleness and delight water sports enthusiasts. To the south of the island, Jimbaran Bay offers a long stretch of white sand. In the evening, the restaurants set up their tables on the beach and grill the fish on the barbecue. An ultra-romantic candlelit dinner in perspective! To observe superb seabed and breathtaking sunsets, head to Amed beach in the east of the island. It has the particularity of being made up of black sand of volcanic origin.

9  Hike the Batur Volcano

An active volcano at an altitude of 1717 m, Mon Batur is a sacred mountain according to Hindu beliefs. Its ascent offers a sublime view. To enjoy the sunrise at the top, take a flashlight and go at night. Many guides will offer their services, but you can also climb alone. The trek lasts between 2h and 4h depending on your physical condition. Equip yourself with a good pair of shoes and a sweater for your arrival at the top… which won’t prevent you from snuggling up in the arms of your better half!

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